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Client Stories

Jen Amos

“January 2017 is my two year anniversary working with my incredible assistant @socialvabiz now @amdigitalcreatives. It’s gratifying to me knowing that I can work with many and especially contribute to others livelihoods. I wouldn’t have it any other way. We empower ourselves by empowering others.

💚 Thanks for everything, Anne. It’s with your reliable help that puts me in a position to continue to serve many. 💚🐢.”

Jen Amos Consulting

Casual Fridays

“I appreciate everything that you do for Casual Friday! You’re always asking how you can help us and your hard work is very much appreciated.

Thank you for being you!”


Michael Rogers

“I reviewed the posts you put together for this week. Very good job! This is more what I’m looking for from you.
Highlighting the good content that I have already put together such as old Youtube videos on my Youtube channels and creating new articles that people that are looking for self storage or renting a storage unit would find useful.”

Good job!



THANK YOU. You were so kind to step up and help TeamATL out by getting the October calendars done 2weeks early.

With us being down a team member for 2weeks in September, being ahead of the game like this is going to help us get through the month without wanting to die and I just can’t say thank you enough!



Creative VA began over a couple of years ago. Before I officially launched I was a full-time executive assistant working in the corporate world from local and abroad. This new technology gave me the opportunity to open a new door to create an income and apply the skills/tech I have acquired over the years.

How we can work together


Consistent Support

I handle those day-to-day tasks so you have time to focus on the important stuff in your business. 5 to 10 hours a week packages available. Let’s get your business back on track. You can free up brain space and move your business forward.


Day Rate Services

If you are looking for top-level service without a long-term commitment – a day rate service is the perfect option for you. Day rate services for the business owner who needs a little help getting things going and taken care of quickly!


Free Resources + Downloads

Get the latest resources, tutorials, and exclusive content for business owners. I have available downloads for aspiring virtual assistants as well. Check out the full collection of free downloads for you here.

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