What is Virtual Assistant and what does it do?

May 6, 2021 | Blog

Whenever a friend visits me at home and sees my workstation with over one computer. I am asked what I do.

I answered: “I am a VA” – Virtual Assistant! 🙂

I thought of creating this article for friends or anyone curious about Virtual Assistant to enlighten them.

“So, what is a VA”?

According to Wikipedia:

VA is an abbreviated word meaning a virtual assistant, also called a virtual office assistant. Virtual assistants are independent contractors or as employees of a multi-VA firm. They work for other small businesses and can support busy executives. They offer professional administrative assistance, technical or social assistance to clients remotely.

Common modes of communication and data delivery include the Internet, e-mail and phone-call conferences, online workspaces, and fax machines. Virtual Assistants need to have their own internet connections and are utilizing technology such as Skype, Zoom as well as Google Voice. Professionals in this business work on a contractual basis and a long-lasting cooperation are standard.

The virtual administration industry is expanding. More companies and business owners are deciding to hire outside assistance to save on paying benefits and overhead costs, that’s why it is important to equip yourself with knowledge. Virtual Assistant has many benefits for the right individual who is willing to work hard and make every effort to succeed. You must be willing to wear many hats, able to handle multiple tasks and have the ability to persevere during difficulties.

A virtual assistant is one of the many opportunities you can start from home. This is great for Students, a single mom or anyone who wants to augment their income. While it has its own benefit it also comes with Advantages and Disadvantages like any other. These challenges you may or may not experience within a traditional office setting.

Here are few disadvantages on my list:

  • No Bonuses
  • Distractions from televisions and personal calls
  • Training cost
  • Get suitable equipment
  • Adaptations to meet health and safety standards
  • The needs of disabled employee’s benefits.
  • Could increase feelings of isolation or burnout.

Below are something you will enjoy if you will venture the Virtual Assistant journey. Or if you are currently a VA you might be enjoying this already:

  • Work at your own freedom with flexible hours and you are your own boss
  • You can spend time with your family
  • You can save money since you don’t need to commute, buy meals and more.
  • No traffic and getting late to work and avoid work politics
  • Create your own work schedule
  • You can choose clients that you want to work with
  • You can work comfortably with your pajama without your makeup

If you have a good job, do it as your part-time job. But, if you are out of a job and looking for alternative income it is great to try to be a virtual assistant, this can be a good opportunity for you to be your own boss.
But wait, while you are there do not romanticize the Virtual Assistant idea that you can get a client in one setting. It is sexy to think you can work from your home and be your own boss. You know that a perfect job does not exist. You have to go out of your comfort zone and willing to think outside the box to improve yourself. It requires patience and hard work.

Find your greatest “WHY” — why you are doing this, find your purpose and start from there.

Technology will change from year to year. So you must always be open to learning new skills or a new program. Try to cross-check skills that you already know and are good at, hone those skills and get training only if you need it. Do not jump from one training to another. Ensure you need it and you can afford it. Do not get caught up with “Shiny object syndrome”

Another huge undying issue in the digital world is the “PRICING”. Do not be discouraged. Always give value to your time and effort. Do not charge too little nor charge too high. Know your worth!

Prospective clients do not care how long you’ve been in business as a Virtual Assistant. They will care MUCH more about your SKILLS, your availability, and rates. A good client will value your time and effort and will respect your rate. Do not let anyone exploit or intimidate you just because you are a virtual assistant from the Philippines. Own your rights, aim to achieve higher and be a kick-ass Virtual Assistant that a client would not want to let go.

” Be so good they can’t ignore you.” – Steve Martin

Do not think to earn first, think about what you can offer, how you can help to make this industry better and how you can build your brand to get known.

“Find your own wall, your own dreams, and your own goals, and pursue them.” – Tom Corley

Link: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/what-virtual-assistant-does-do-annette-mendoza/